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District 12 Meeting Card

The meeting lists do not constitute approval of any

group's manner of practicing the Al-Anon program. If the

group you attend is not right for you, please try another. 

Personal anonymity , as well as confidentiality creates a safe place to Get Help

Scroll below to find a meeting

One group in District 12 is meeting using FONGO Conference Calls. To join the meetings call 902-932-1200. When prompted enter the meeting pass code.

PLEASE NOTE: The only number for NS, NB, and PEI to call is the 902 one above. This could incur long distance charges if you don’t have a long distance calling plan. Many cell phone plans offer Canada Wide calling (check yours).

Nova Scotia removed restrictions on March 21, 2022 for proof of vaccination, gathering limits, social distancing and mask restrictions, however recommends that you should wear a mask in indoor public places and still consider social distancing. 

Tuesday 7:00 pm

Rays of Hope AFG (evening)

Ste Anne University

1695 Route 1

Bernadin Comeau Bldg, Room 323

Church Point, NS – MAP


FONGO Pass Code

902-932-6890 #

Wednesday 2:00 pm

Rays of Hope AFG (daytime)

Municipal Building

1185 Route 1

Little Brook, NS – MAP

Group meeting in-person

Wednesday 8:00 pm

Annapolis Royal AFG

Annapolis Baptist Church

762 St George Street

Annapolis Royal, NS – MAP

Group meeting in-person

Friday 7:00 pm

One Day At A Time AFG

Holy Trinity Church Hall

61 William Street

Yarmouth, NS – MAP

Hybrid Meeting Face-to-Face

with FONGO Conf Call

FONGO pass code

902-932-6890 #

Inactive Nov 2021

Listen and Learn AFG

Cape Sable Island, NS

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